# mod_my_oikocredit


With this module we allow end users of Oikocredit to see and change their profile and investment.

## MyOikocredit in the frontend

MyOikocredit is that part of the frontend sites where users are logged in and can view and change their information. This is not only for investors, but also for people interested in Oikocredit that have an account, like newsletter subscribers or people registered for meetings. Some functionality might not be ready yet, but is part of the road map for the future.


Procurios' responsibilities include and are limited to

  • Maintaining accurate relation data,
  • Providing relation data via the methods exposed by Titan,
  • Facilitating infrastructure for data exchange by exposing multiple methods

Responsibilities explicitly exercised by Titan are

  • Maintaining accurate relation data,
  • Maintaining accurate financial data,
  • Providing financial data via the methods exposed by Procurios,
  • Providing relation data via the methods exposed by Procurios,
  • Facilitating infrastructure for data exchange by exposing multiple methods

'Request access' or 'Become investor'

There are two ways to create an MyOikocredit account:

  1. If you're already an existing investor in Titan: use the 'Request access'-process.
  2. If you're new to Oikocredit and you don't exist in Titan: use the 'Become investor'-process.
    • There is a short registration form (for basic information (name, email, username, password))
    • and a big form with information needed to become an investor


  • Support Association (SA); Oikocredit is a cooperation of SA's and others. Our customer, Oikocredit International, does not maintain shares or accounts for investors. SA's can have several rules and limitations, such as the minimum required investment value and account equity, currency and dividend options
  • (Investment) Account; an account with an ID, a number of shares and a value that one or more investors have access to
  • Investment; the purchase of an amount of shares, to be deposited in an account
  • Office; All SA's are offices. Not all offices are SA's. Office would have been the correct term and a future refactor may replace occurrences of SA with office.
  • Queue; or Titan Queue. Changes created during requests are stored in the DB and pushed to Titan by the job 'mod_my_oikocredit.titanQueue'.
  • Redemption; the sale of a number of shares from an account, resulting in a deposit of the value of the sale in the reference bank account linked to the account
  • Reference bank account; a regular bank account that is linked to an investment account. Investments may be paid for from any source, but redemptions are always deposited to the reference bank account.
  • Transaction; an investment, redemption or other change in the number of shares that is currently deposited in an account

Investors / relations specific to MyOikocredit

Investor might mean different things depending on the context. We have several names for different kind of investors (or investor statuses); some of them already invest money through Oikocredit, some of them not (yet). Relations that aren't even investing are important in the domain of MyOikocredit.

There are two basic distinctions in relations in MyOikocredit:

  1. Relations that are in sync with Titan and relations that are not (yet).
  2. Relations are in sync based on a MyOikocreditId; this is a UUID (or GUID) that cannot be seen anywhere in the implementation, but is the link to the same contact/investor/relation/person/couple/organisation/family/child information in Titan. Another important factor is the MyOikocredit status.

There are two status fields:

  1. one for the Become Investor process (MyO BI)
  2. and one for the Request Access process (MyO RA).

Naming conventions

We have the following naming conventions for investors and relations:

No sync:

  • Newsletter subscriber: Might have filled out the short registration form. Probably does not have MyO status. (this is mostly for future)
  • Meeting subscriber: Filled out meeting registration form. Probably does not have MyO status. (this is mostly for future)
  • Prospect investor: Filled out short registration form. MyO BI status = Pending Investment Profile. Prospect, because they might fill out the big form and become a real investor.
  • Pending investor: Filled out big investor form. MyO BI status = Pending Approval in Titan. Pending,because they are waiting for approval by an SA Admin (through Titan).


  • Sync investor: base name for relations that are in sync with Titan. MyO status no relevant
  • Titan investor: investor in/from Titan. No intention (yet) to request access and become a user
  • Unverified investor: Investor in/from Titan. Somewhere in the Request Access process.
  • MyO RA status >= Needs invitation **AND** MyO RA status < Active MyOikocredit Account
  • Active investor: Approved in Titan, can use every part of MyOikocredit.
  • MyO BI status = Active MyOikocredit Account **OR** MyO RA status = Active MyOikocredit Account


Titan is the back-office environment Oikocredit uses to administrate relations, investments, transactions and more. Titan was developed by Cap Gemini and purchased by Oikocredit. The current development team is in-house. If you need to get in touch with Titan, ask team beta or Kenny, or Valeer or Ulrich from Oikocredit.


The syncs are set-up to request human intervention. Whenever a section below mentions intervention, it means e-mail will be sent to the Oikocredit web team as well as the Procurios service desk. All e-mails are sent using e-mail content templates, meaning they may be changed as required, in the future. Whenever intervention is requested, the Queue will be shut down. In order to start the Queue back up, the problem must be solved and the queue job must be activated again.

Component => JSONRPC

Financial data is always read live from Titan. To prevent wait times from increasing our own load times, we decided to use ajax for any info we collect from Titan. Components that use ajax offer an endpoint that may be implemented by a JSONRPC server, such as the MyOikocreditRpcEndpoint.

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